David Stevenson

The 500OA are deeply saddened to report that long time competitor David Stevenson recently passed away. Duncan Rabagliati has provided the following words:


If there was one true legend who epitomised a “good life” and both the fun of and success on two wheels, then in our 500cc F3, and also in Formula Junior, it was David Stevenson 

David passed away last Friday 8th May, age 91,  after a long illness, but he was still as alert and determined till near the very end.

A long term Colonial servant of Cable and Wireless, he raced bikes in Jakarta, Kandy and Nkuru, and back in UK for a furlough in 1952, beating John Surtees at Silverstone, and in the Ceylon Team for the I.O.M. TT.
Back again in 1955, he did a 500 F3 season in the ex-Henry Taylor, Cooper-Vincent Mk IV, then on retirement again, firstly in a Mk V1 Cooper-JAP, and then the ex-Bob Gerard Mk 8, winning the 500 OA circuit championship for three consecutive years from 1994-1996 , racing two wheelers as well, before the ACU decided he was too old at 70 , when he also moved on to fifteen years in Formula Junior, winning the Lurani Trophy in 2001, borrowing Paul Hewes' Mk 8 Cooper 500 for Goodwood  [ 2005 ], eventually hanging up his FJ helmet in 2010, and then still self-preparing , returned to 500s for a final season in 2011, with the Mk 8 Cooper, now owned by Nick Scott.  Even thereafter, he was still riding his big Honda VF500 around the Sussex Downs at full throttle!!

There were fun paddock gatherings, parties at his home in Chichester, much faithful support from his dear wife Pam, and son Mark, who also raced his U2 FJ, and in his final years, devoted care by his former sweetheart, later second wife, Mariette. He was kind and generous: a full life well lived ….."