Jim Russell 28.05.1920 30.03.2019

One of the most successful period 500 racers, Jim Russell, has died at the aged of 98.

After serving in the RAF he started a garage business in Norfolk and commenced racing in 1952 with a  Cooper MkVI JAP and after fitting a Manx Norton engine into the Cooper, his wining started.

He won three 500cc BRSCC National Formula 3 titles between 1955-1957, and in total won 64 F3 races.

His racing activities were stopped by a serious crash at Le Mans in 1959.

The Jim Russell Racing School based at Snetterton was set up in 1956 and provided the initial training for many drivers who went on to achieve International success. The school was very successful and this led to its expansion in the UK and to the USA and Canada.

In latter years Jim Russell was a regular visitor to the 500 OA races at Snetterton, often presenting the trophies. He continued to visit Snetterton and 500’s racing until failing health halted his visits.

Jim Russell was one of the 500cc F3 greats and The  500 Owners Association offers its condolences to his family, he will be missed by us all.

Jim Russell