Alan Eccles

Alan Eccles
Alan Eccles was a garage owner from West Bromwich and came to 500s in 1954. He drove a Staride for two years before switching to the ubiquitous Cooper Mk IX for the next three years. He often performed well in the heats but struggled for podiums in the finals.

Some results for Alan:

Brands Hatch 19th April 1954 Easter Monday, 3rd in junior heat, 6th in Easter sprint

Aintree 29th May 1954 Opening Meeting, 13th

Brands Hatch 7th June 1954 Whit-Monday Meeting, 5th in junior heat, 3rd in junior final

Brands Hatch 4th July 1954, 2nd in junior heat, 5th in junior final

Oulton Park 7th August 1954 Gold Cup, DNF

Castle Combe 28th August 1954, 3rd in junior race

Brands Hatch 3rd October 1954, 5th in junior heat


Cadwell Park 31st May 1955, 5th in handicap race

Brands Hatch 12th June 1955, 6th in senior heat

Brands Hatch 10th July 1955 Sporting Record Trophy, 3rd in consolation final

Silverstone 13th August 1955, 3rd

Brands Hatch 4th September 1955 Francis Beart Trophy, 4th in heat

Silverstone 17th September 1955 Commander Yorke Trophy, 2nd in second final

Cadwell Park 2nd October 1955, 5th in all-comers heat

Brands Hatch 26th December 1955 Yuletide Trophy, 5th in second final


Brands Hatch 3rd April 1956 Sporting Record Trophy, DNF in first final

Aintree 21st April 1956, 15th

Brands Hatch 29th April 1956, 5th in second final

Silverstone 12th May 1956, 2nd in heat

Mallory Park 21st May 1956, 3rd in heat

Silverstone 23rd June 1956, 2nd in heat

Mallory Park 6th August 1956, 4th in heat, 3rd in final

Silverstone 11th August 1956, 5th

Silverstone 1st September 1956, 3rd

Silverstone 15th September 1956, 5th in sweepstake

Silverstone 29th September 1956 Commander Yorke Trophy, 8th in heat, 5th in final

Brands Hatch 14th October 1956, 4th in heat


Brands Hatch 31st March 1957, 3rd in heat, DNF in final

Mallory Park 10th June 1957, 4th in race one

Silverstone 29th June 1957, 2nd in heat

Mallory Park 26th December 1957, 2nd


Mallory Park 26th May 1958, 3rd

Silverstone 9th August 1958 Commander Yorke Trophy, 2nd in second final


Mallory Park 26th March 1959, 16th

After this, Alan moved into senior classes such as Formula Libre, please get in touch if you can tell us more about his life.