Alvar Strandberg

Alvar Strandberg

Alvar Strandberg was born in 1912 and a well known Swedish driver who competed in various classes. He raced in Formula 3 for several years, starting in the later part of 1955, in a Cooper Mk VIII which he acquired from Nils Gerremo. Alvar's most significant victory came in September at the horse trotting track at Solvalla where he won in spite of losing a rear wheel!

Here are some of his results:

Stockholm 4th September 1955, 9th

Helsinki 10th May 1956, DNF

Roskildering 3rd June 1956, 2nd

Karlskoga 10th June 1956, 2nd

Falkenberg 17th June 1956, 4th

Roskildering 29th July 1956, 2nd and 3rd

Solvalla 16th September 1956 Lilla Indianapolis, 1st


Helsinki 12th May 1957, 6th

Falkenberg 30th July 1957, 2nd

Alvar Strandberg died in August 1996. If anyone has more details, please get in touch.

A roll at Roskildering in '55

A dramatic win in the Lilla Indianapolis