Anthony Yorke

Commander C.A. Yorke R.N.

Charles Anthony Yorke was born in July 1910. Though still serving in the Navy, he became a keen supporter of 500cc racing and long distance racing in particular. Tony became a member of the committee in December 1947 and presented the "Good Losers" Trophy to the Club, the first recipient being Frank Bacon. Sadly, Tony was killed on a motorcycle in June 1949 after he had given his name to another trophy, for the 100 Mile event at Silverstone, first held a few weeks after his death. At the time it was huge test for any car to last such a distance and was won by a seventeen year old Peter Collins.

The success of the inaugural event firmly established the "500"s as serious racing cars and helped influence Paris to introduce the 500 cc Formula 3 for 1950. The Yorke Trophy was run for a further 10 years, sometimes with two 100 mile races, sometimes with heats, sometimes with JAP engine only and petrol classes, plus supporting races.

Commander Yorke Trophy Results

9th July 1949

1st Peter Collins - Cooper Mk III, 2nd John Cooper - Cooper, 3rd Don Parker - Parker

8th July 1950

1st Ken Watkins - Cooper Mk IV, 2nd Alan Rippon - Cooper, 3rd Ken Carter - Cooper Mk III

18th July 1951

Commander Yorke Trophy 1st Alan Brown - Cooper Mk V, 2nd Bill Patterson - Cooper Mk V, 3rd Ron Dryden - JBS
Silverstone 100 1st Les Leston - JBS, 2nd Ken Gregory - Kieft CK51, 3rd Eric Brandon - Cooper Mk V
100 Mile Aggregate Result 1st Alan Brown - Cooper Mk V, 2nd Les Leston - JBS, 3rd Ken Gregory - Kieft CK 51

23rd August 1952

1st John Coombs - Cooper Mk VI, 2nd Bob Gerard - Cooper Mk VI, 3rd Charles Headland - Arnott

23rd August 1953

Silverstone 100 1st Ken Smith - Smith-Buckler, 2nd Ivor Bueb - Bueb-Arnott, 3rd Jim Russell - Cooper Mk VI
Commander York Trophy 1st Jack Westcott - Kieft CK52, 2nd Ken Tyrrell - Cooper, 3rd George Symonds - Cooper,


21st August 1954

1st Jim Russell - Cooper Mk VIII, 2nd Charles Headland - Martin, 3rd Colin Davis - Cooper Mk VIII

17th September 1955
1st Jack Westcott - Cooper, 2nd David Boshier-Jones - Cooper Mk IX, 3rd Harry Howlett - Cooper Mk VIII


28th September 1956
1st David Boshier-Jones - Cooper Mk IX, 2nd Henry Taylor - Cooper Mk VIII, 3rd Ivor Bueb - Cooper Mk IX


27th July 1957
1st Jim Russell - Cooper, 2nd Tommy Bridger - Cooper, 3rd Trevor Taylor – Cooper

9th August 1958
1st Trevor Taylor - Beart Cooper, 2nd Jack Lewis - Cooper Mk IX, 3rd Don Parker - Cooper

8th August 1959
1st Tommy Bridger -Cooper Mk IX, 2nd Don Parker - Cooper Mk XIII, 3rd Gordon Jones - Cooper Mk XI

6th August 1960
1st Gordon Jones - Cooper Mk XI, 2nd Geoff Gartside - Cooper Mk VIII, 3rd Alan Rodgie - Cooper