Axel Johansson

Axel Johansson

Axel Johansson was a Swedish driver and owned series of Coopers; an early car then a Cooper Mk VIII for 1957, which he bought from Alvar Strandberg and finally a Mk XI.

Axel in his Cooper Mk VIII

Some results for Axel:

Karlskoga 10th June 1956, 8th

Roskildering 29th July 1956, 8th in heat

Solvalla 16th September 1956 Lilla Indianapolis, 6th


Falkenberg 30th July 1957, 5th

Roskildering 8th September 1957, 5th


Helsinki 15th May 1958, 8th


Helsinki 10th May 1959, 11th

Falkenberg 5th July 1959, 4th

Roskildering 13th September 1959

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