Bob Wenz

Bob Wenz

West Coast man, Bob Wenz took the hard route into Formula 3, building his own Wenz Special during 1951. By this time, Coopers and Kiefts were already appearing in the US and Bob's Ariel engine would never be a match for the JAP and Norton units so results were hard to come by and he eventually succumbed and purchased a Cooper Mk VI to take fourth in the 1958 SCCA National Championship. He later bought a Cooper Mk X. and continued the 1960s.

Bob collects a marker at Stockton, June 1963. Photo Frank Racing

Some results for Bob:

Torrey Pines 20th July 1952, DNF

Stockton 24th August 1952, 5th in junior race

Torrey Pines 14th December 1952, 3rd


Pebble Beach 18th April 1953, DNF


Laguna Seca 15th June 1958, 4th in race 2

Goleta Airfield 30th August 1958, DNF

Laguna Seca 9th November 1958, 2nd

Bob Receives the Harry Morrow award.

Pomona 1st February 1959, 3rd in race 2

San Diego 21st June 1959, 1st

Riverside 19th July 1959, 2nd

Goleta Airport 5th/6th September 1959, 2nd in race 1


Laguna Seca 5th June 1960, 1st

Santa Maria 3rd July 1960, 1st

Santa Barbara 4th September 1960, 1st


Santa Barbara 28th May 1961, 1st

Marchbanks 1st/2nd July 1961, 2nd in race 1, 1st in race 2

Marchbanks 8th October 1961, 1st


Cotati 12th May 1962, 1st

Oakland 15th July 1962, 1st


Bob reunited with his last Cooper. Photo courtesy Frank Racing

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