Curt Lincoln

Curt Lincoln

Curt Richard Lincoln was born on the 8th October 1918 in Stockholm, Sweden. He served as a military chauffeur during the War of Continuation (1941-1944) against the Soviet Union. During 1947 and 1948 he raced hydroplanes with some success. Curt was a founder of the Finnish 500 Club and raced continually through the 50s with considerable success in Sweden and Finland.

Curt began racing in 1949, initially with the KG Special of Karl-Erik Kronqvist and Fred Geitel. His first recorded result was a fourth in Helsinki in May, using the pseudonym  "Erik Lindqvist" but a few days later he won at Tampere, using his real name, then a second at Lappeenranta on the 15th May and a win at Vauhtiajot in July.

For 1950, Curt switched to an Effyh and finished second to the sister car of Åke Jönsson, again using a pseudonym, at Helsinki on 7th May. He won at Tampere twice in May and July then Seinäjoki in July, Vauhtiajot and Savonlinna in August. In 1951, he dominated, winning at Helsinki 6th May, Pori in June, Hedemora in July, Savonlinna in August, Kuoppio in September and Hippos.

1952 proved more challenging, Curt failed to finish at Helsinki but won at Tampere in May then a fourth at Falkenberg in July and a second to Rod Nuckey at  Skarpnäck on the 24th September. By 1953, Curt had switched again to the latest Cooper, a Mk VII and was back on form with wins at Helsinki in May, Turku, Kuusankoski, Lappeenranta, Hyvinkää, Pori, Lohja and Forssa.

Lincoln could only manage a third at Helsinki 1954 to Eric Brandon and Rod Nuckey then second at Lappeenranta in May, then wins at Turku, Savonlinna and  Lappeenranta plus a trip to Skarpnäck in Sweden for a a third place to the Coopers of Ivor Bueb and Adolf Lang 5th September. Curt upgraded again for '55, to a Cooper Mk IX, finishing third at Helsinki on the 8th May behind Brandon and Hutchinson, then wins at Turku, Lohja, Lappeenranta, Savonlinna and Tampere. He also came to England in August for a third in the Consolation Final at the Daily Telegraph meeting at Brands Hatch  '56 brought wins at Turku, twice, Falkenberg and Savonlinna but a DNF at Helsinki and for 1957 wins at Helsinki, Porvoo, Loviisa now in a Mk XI. He also raced Jaguar D Types, Ferraris and in Formula Junior and retired from competition in 1961.

Curt was also an excellent tennis player and became Finnish and Swedish Champion. He moved to Espoo near Helsinki and became a Finnish citizen in 1961. Curt's daughter, Nina married 1970 World Champion Jochen Rindt. Curt Lincoln died in Espoo in August 2005.

Curt and Nina Lincoln, photo courtesy Seppo Pitkanen.

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