Dean Delamont

Dean Delamont

Dean Delamont was born in Bournemouth in 1913. He was a journalist with Southern Newspapers for 10 years before moving to MG. As war broke out he joined the Inspectorate of Fighting Vehicles under Colonel Barnes, former manager of the Singer racing team. He then had a spell with an aircraft repair unit before joining the Ministry of Transport. Motor sport was a hobby, commentating and driving the Semmence Special.

After the war he took an active interest in 500s and he had a hand in designing both the Staride and the Kieft.  Dean was a contributor to the 500 Club magazine Iota and many of the articles included in this site were written or edited by him.

After Stanley Barnes had become manager of the RAC Competitions Department he brought Dean in as his assistant in 1950. During the RAC period, he was instrumental in persuading Jack Brabham to come to England in 1955. Dean continued to work for the RAC and FIA for the rest of his life and was the unsung hero of British and world motor sport. Dean Delamont died on 30th August 2003, aged 90.

An article written by Dean for Iota in October 1950.

And later, in 1952, he reviewed progress in Autocourse:


Dean and the rest of the Iota editorial team "dreaming" of a first race at Aintree. The cartoon by Raymond Groves was first published in the December 1952 edition, hence the snow!