Derek Strange

Derek Strange
We know very little about Derek in spite of him being a very regular runner during '56 and 57, taking occasional wins and the some big name scalps along the way.

Not the best way to make your appearance in Autosport! Snetterton July 1956

Some results for Derek:


Brough 25th March 1956, 4th in heat,

Brands Hatch 3rd April 1956 Sporting Record Trophy, DNF in heat,

Brands Hatch 20th May 1956 Sporting Record Trophy, 4th in heat,

Crystal Palace 21st May 1956 Redex Trophy, 2nd in heat, 6th in final,

Mallory Park 7th July 1956, 6th in heat, 6th in First final,

Silverstone 14th July 1956 British Grand Prix, DNF,

Mallory Park 6th August 1956, 1st in heat, 1st in final,

Oulton Park 18th August 1956 John Bull Trophy, 7th in heat, 7th in final,

Oulton Park 22nd September 1956 Gold Cup, 6th,



Snetterton 31st March 1957, 3rd,

Goodwood 22nd April 1957 Earl of March Trophy, 3rd

Silverstone 18th May 1957, 2nd in race 1, 3rd in race 2,

Brands Hatch 19th May 1957, 5th in Expert Drivers race,

Brands Hatch 9th June 1957 Sporting Record Trophy, 6th,

Crystal Palace 10th June 1957 Redex Trophy, 1st in heat, DNF in final,

Mallory Park 22nd June 1957, 1st in heat, 2nd in final,

Mallory Park 6th July 1957, 2nd in heat, 4th in final,

Silverstone 27th July 1957 Commander Yorke Trophy, 1st in heat,

Snetterton 28th July 1957, 4th

Brands Hatch 5th August 1957, DNF in Daily Telegraph Trophy,

Oulton Park 5th October 1957 Gold Cup, 6th

Oulton Park 12th October 1957, 1st,

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