Derrick Colvin

Derrick Colvin

Derrick Colvin was born in Scotland but came south to Yeovil in Somerset in about 1952 to work as a test pilot with Westland Helicopters. He became interested in racing and started with his Invicta, then an Allard and an MG. In 1956 he bought his first real racing car, a Cooper JAP. Very definitely a club racer, Derrick raced for fun, the JAP engine in his Cooper would have thoroughly outclassed in '56.

In 1957, Derrick bought a JBS Norton and raced it with moderate success  for a few years before going on to Formula Junior and Monoposto. The highlights of Derrick's 500 career would appear to be a second at Silverstone in September 1958, fourth at Silverstone in September 1959 and third at Silverstone in April 1960. Derrick died in 1986 at his home in Yeovil, aged 64.

Derrick at Silverstone in the Cooper in 1956 and in the JBS in '57

Derrick's son, Brian recalls "Derrick entered all the races he could and my mother, sister and I would always travel with him. Every weekend saw us traipse right across the country in pursuit of his hobby. Not easy with a nine and an eleven year old in tow! I remember meeting many of the drivers and sitting in almost all the cars running at the time, often “helping” with the numerous repairs going on in the paddock between practice and racing. It was in the JBS that I learnt to drive at the age of twelve; push started on Westland's Aerodrome and running up and down until I spun on the grass or stalled the engine." Brian's racing career started soon after with karts and motorcycle trials and scrambles and he joined his father in Formula Monoposto before moving to Clubman's with various Mallocks.

Our thanks to Brian Colvin for his help with this page.