Dick Hagy

Richards "Dick" Hagy

Richards 'Dick' Hagy was born in Atlantic City in July 1930 and grew up in Philadelphia, his father was a lifeguard. Dick loved classical music and could play piano to a high standard. His claim to fame came in June 1953 at Langhorne Speedway, where he drove the first and only Volkswagen Beetle in a NASCAR race, he qualified 32nd out of 38 and finished 19th after 200 laps! Dick joined the fledgling East Coast 500 scene in 1958 with a Cooper Mk V, 1961, his best and final year yielding five wins and second overall in the SCCA National Championship behind John "Willie" Gadwa. Dick Hagy passed away in August 2012.

Dick at Cumberland Airfield in May 1958

Some Results for Dick

Cumberland Airport 18th May 1958, 8th

Marlboro 16th November 1958, 2nd in race one


Lime Rock 4th July 1959, 7th

Montgomery 8th August 1959, DNF


Watkins Glen, USA 23rd September 1960, DNF

SCCA National Championship 9th=


Bridgehampton 28th May 1961, 1st

Lime Rock 1st July 1961, 1st

Bridgehampton 5th August 1961, 1st

Lime Rock 12th August 1961, 1st

Thompson Raceway 3rd/4th September 1961, 1st in race one

Watkins Glen 23rd September 1961, 7th

SCCA National Championship, 2nd

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