Don Williams

HL "Don" Williams

Henry Lewis Williams, normally known as Don, competed during 1951 and '52, initially in a Cooper but then an Emeryson. He was a motorcycle trader from Worcester. He also raced Norton motorcycles.

Autosport, 27th July 1951; “HL Williams, winner of the “500” race in a high speed slide with the f.w.d. Emeryson” Gamston 21st July

Some results for Don:


Castle Combe 31st March 1951 - Cooper, 4th in heat, 6th in final

Brands Hatch 21st April 1951 Junior Championship - Cooper, 1st in heat, 2nd in final

Prescott 19th May 1951 - Cooper, 1st

Shelsley Walsh 23rd June 1951 - Emeryson, 3d

Gamston 21st July 1951 - Emeryson, 1st

Boreham 11th August 1951 - Emeryson, 4th in heat


Ards 15th March 1952 - Emeryson, DNF

Brough 12th April 1952 - Emeryson, Scratch Race: 2nd in heat, 4th in final, Handicap Race: DNF

Brands Hatch 18th May 1952 - Emeryson, DNF

Goodwood Whitsun 4th June 1952 International Trophy - Emeryson, DNF

Rest and Be Thankful 5th July 1952 - Emeryson, 2nd

Silverstone 19th July 1952 British Grand Prix - Emeryson, 11th

Brands Hatch 20th July 1952 - Emeryson, Senior Race: 3rd

Shelsley Walsh 30th August 1952 - Emeryson, 2nd

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