Francis Liagre

Francis Liagre

Francis was one of the more successful DB drivers. Some notable results include:

Montlhéry 8th April 1951 Coupe D'Or, 3rd

Orleans 6th May 1951, 3rd,

Nürburgring 3rd June 1951, 12th,

Brands Hatch 24th June 1951 International Trophy, 4th in heat,

Rouen 8th July1951, 3rd

Nürburgring 29th July 1951 German Grand Prix, 19th,

Orleans 1951, 4th Brussels 11th May 1952, 3rd in heat,

Amiens 15th June1952, 5th in heat, 5th in final,

Rouen 6th July 1952 French Grand Prix, 4th,

Ostend, August 1950. Photo courtesy Maurice van den Brempt

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