Friedrich Dilthey

Friedrich Dilthey

Friedrich Dilthey was born in 1906 and lived in Rheydt, near Monchengladbach  in Western Germany and textile manufacturer by profession. Friedrich had a good first season in 1950, driving his Condor, with a 4th in July at Donauringrennen and a win at Grenzlandring in September but things seem to have faded in '51 with mostly DNFs

Nürburgring paddock in 1951

Known Results

Nürburgring 11th June 1950, DNF

Leverkusen 2nd July 1950, 3rd

Donauringrennen 30th July 1950, 4th

Nürburgring 20th August 1950 German Grand Prix, DNF

Grenzlandring 17th September 1950, 1st


Krefeld (West) 6th May 1951, 4th

Hockenheim 14th May 1951, DNF in heat

Nürburgring 3rd June 1951, DNF

Leverkusen 15th July 1951, 5th

Nürburgring 29th July 1951 German Grand Prix 11th

Grenzlandring 9th September 1951, DNF

Essen 23rd September 1951, DNF


Nürburgring 24th May 1952, DNF


Friedrich Dilthey died in 1964

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