Gunnar Henriksen

Gunnar Henriksen

Gunnar Henriksen gave the first Alfa Dana its debut in April 1956 before switching to a Cooper for '57. He became Danish Champion in 1957 in his Cooper with six wins and several podiums at the Roskildering. He continued through 1958 and '59 but lost out to Poul Rasmussen.







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Leading at Roskildering in 1958

Gunnar's known results:

Roskildering 29th April 1956, 4th on aggregate

Roskildering 18th May 1957, 1st

Roskildering 2nd June 1957, 1st

Roskildering 23rd June 1957, 1st

Roskildering 25 August 1957, 1st in race 1

Roskildering 8th September 1957, 2nd

Roskildering 29th September 1957, 1st in race 1, 1st in race 2

Roskildering 20th October 1957, 2nd


Roskildering 15th May 1958, 4th

Roskildering 1st June 1958, 4th

Fargelbarn 8th June 1958, 2nd

Roskildering 22nd June 1958, 11th


Roskildering 7th June 1959, 3rd, 1st in Copenhagen Cup

Falkenberg 5th July 1959, 7th

Roskildering 13th September 1959, 3rd