Harry Morrow

Harry Morrow

Harry S Morrow was born in 1909 and grew up in Pennsylvania. He moved to California and studied aeronautical engineering, though his passion was always for cars. He raced on dirt tracks prior to the war and was part owner of the influential Road & Track magazine.

In 1951, Harry founded Autobooks in Burbank, California, he was highly influential in the development of Formula 3 in the US and built the second car (The first being Charles Nerpel's Andree) which he christened "Scarecrow". After a number or retirements, he resorted to the more conventional route and acquired a Cooper Mk V which he used to win the 1955 SCCA Championship. His stable also included Peter Collins' JBS, the Trimax, Bruce Kesslers' Cooper Mk IX and a Kieft. Harry founded the 500cc Club of America in 1950, though sadly he died before the Club was resurrected by Tom Cecil.

Harry had a prolific 500 career, in a diverse range of cars, here are some of his results:

Harry in the ex Peter Collins JBS at Torrey Pines, 23rd October 1955

Palm Springs 26th March 1955, 1st

Bakersfield 1st May 1955, DNF

Goleta Airport 28th May 1955, 3rd

Hansen Dam 19th June 1955, 5th in race 1, 3rd in race 2

Torrey Pines 10th July 1955, 2nd

Torrey Pines 23rd October 1955, 2nd

State Fairgrounds, Sacramento 29th October 1955, 2nd

Glendale 13th November 1955, 2nd

Nassau Speed Week, Bahamas 5th-11th December 1955, 4th


Palm Springs 25th February 1956, 1st

Santa Barbara 17/18th March 1956, 2nd in race1, DNF in race 2

Bakersfield 19/20th May 1956, 3rd in race 2

Pomona 23rd/24th June 1956, 1st in race 1, 3rd in race 2

San Diego 22nd July 1956, 4th in race 1

Seafair 12th August 1956, 2nd

Paramount Ranch 18th/19th August 1956, DNF in race 1, 4th in race 2

Goleta Airport 2nd September 1956, 4th

Pomona 20th/21st October 1956, DNF in race 1, 2nd in race 2

Palm Springs 4th November 1956, DNF

Paramount Ranch 17th/18th November 1956, DNF in race 1, DNF in race 2


Pomona 19th/20th January 1957, 1st in race 1, 1st in race 2

Paramount Ranch 9th/10th March 1957, 2nd

San Diego 4th/5th May 1957, 2nd in race 1, DNF in race 2

Paramount Ranch 15th June 1957, DNF

Pomona 27th July 1957, DNF

Goleta Airport 31st August 1957, 1st

San Diego 19th October 1957, 1st

Pomona 26th October 1957, 1st

Riverside 17th November 1957, 2nd

Paramount Ranch  8th December 1957, 1st


Pomona 9th February 1958, 2nd in race 1, 4th in race 2

Phoenix 1st/2nd March 1958, 3rd in race 1, 1st in race 2

Palm Springs 12th/13th April 1958, 2nd in race 1, DNF in race 2

Laguna Seca 15th June 1958, 3rd in race 1

Pomona 13th July 1958, 2nd

Goleta Airfield 30th August 1958, DNF

San Diego 28th September 1958, 3rd

Palm Springs 1st/2nd November 1958, 2nd in race 1, 1st in race 2

Pomona 23rd November 1958, 2nd


Pomona 1st February 1959, 3rd in race 1, 4th in race 2

Del Mar 3rd May 1959, 1st

Santa Barbara 30th/31st May 1959, 2nd in race 1, 3rd in race 2

San Diego 21st June 1959, 2nd

Riverside 19th July 1959, 3rd

Goleta Airport 5th/6th September 1959, 3rd in race 2

Del Mar 20th September 1959, 3rd

Riverside 10th October 1959, 2nd

Laguna Seca 25th October 1959, 2nd

In one of his later Coopers at Pomona 6th March 1960

Pomona 6th March 1960, 2nd

Del Mar 23rd April 1960, 1st

Santa Barbara 28th May 1960, 2nd

Santa Barbara 4th September 1960, 6th

Pomona 6th November 1960, 1st


Pomona 12th March 1961, 1st

Marchbanks 1st/2nd July 1961, 2nd in race 2

Marchbanks 8th October 1961, 2nd


Pomona 21st April 1963, 1st

Del Mar 28th April 1963, 1st

Santa Barbara 26th May 1963, 1st

Willow Springs 9th June 1963, 1st


If anyone has any more details on Harry's life, please get in touch.