Jim Haynes

Jim Haynes

Jim Haynes started in 1957 and continued though to 1960, winning the SCCA Championship in 1959 from Paul Richards.

Jim on his way to a win at Lime Rock, July 1959

Some results for Jim:

Montgomery 18th August 1957, DNF

Thompson Raceway 2nd September 1957, 5th

Watkins Glen 21st September 1957, 3rd


Cumberland Airport 18th May 1958, 4th

Lime Rock 5th July 1958, 3rd

Watkins Glen 20th September 1958, 3rd

Vineland 26th October 1958, 2nd

Lime Rock 18th November 1958, 3rd


Vineland Speedway 12th April 1959, 4th

Marlboro Raceway 19th April 1959, 2nd

Cumberland 17th May 1959, 2nd

Lime Rock 4th July 1959, 1st

Montgomery 8th August 1959, DNF


Montgomery 6th August 1960, 9th

Jim at Cumberland Airport May 1958

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