Karl Schermer

Karl Schermer

Karl Schermer ran an Eigenbau through 1949 then returned for a full season in 1951 in a Monopoletta. Karl continued into 1952 but failed to finish on all three occasions.

This photo appeared in Autosport in May 1951 and was probably taken at the Luxembourg Grand Prix earlier in the month

Some of Karl's results

Nürburgring 7th July 1949 - Eigenbau 8th

Leverkusen 28th August 1949 - Eigenbau 4th


Luxembourg 3rd May 1951 Grand Prix - Monopoletta, 9th in heat

Hockenheim 14th May 1951 - Monopoletta, 5th in heat, 9th in final

Nürburgring 3rd June 1951 - Monopoletta, 11th

Kiel 17th June 1951 - Monopoletta, 4th

Nürburgring 29th July 1951 Grand Prix - Monopoletta, 20th


Hockenheim 11th May 1952, Monopoletta, DNF

Nürburgring 24th May 1952, Monopoletta, DNF

Kiel 22nd June 1952, Monopoletta, DNF

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