Lars Finnilä

Lars Finnilä
Lars Finnilä was one of the very first Finns using one of Fred Geitel's KG Specials in 1948 before switching to an Effyh in 1951 and finally a Cooper for '52.

By the mid 50s, Lars was racing sports cars, including a Mercedes SL and Ferrari 250.

Lars' Effyh being chased by Fred Geitel's Cooper in 1951

Some results for Lars:

Helsinki 8th May 1948, 2nd (KG)


Helsinki 8th May 1949, 5th (KG)

Tampere 11th May 1949, 3rd (KG)

Lappeenranta 15th May 1949, 1st (KG)

Gardermoen, Oslo 28th August 1949, DNF (KG)


Helsinki 7th May 1950, 8th (KG)

Tampere 9th May 1950, 5th (Effyh)

Lappeenranta 14th May 1950, 3rd (Effyh)

Riihimäki 18th June 1950, 1st (KG)


Helsinki 6th May 1951, DNF (Effyh)

Hedemora 15th July 1951, 3rd (Effyh)

Hyvinkää 30th September 1951, 1st (Effyh)


Hyvinkää 17th August 1952, 1st (Cooper)


Helsinki 10th May 1953, DNF (Cooper)

Rauma 26th July 1953, 1st (Cooper)

Savonlinna 9th August 1953, 1st (Cooper)

Skarpnäck 11th & 12th September 1953, DNF in Sweden V Finland match, 1st in heat 1 of International race, DNF in final (Cooper)


Helsinki 9th May 1954, 6th (Cooper)

Hedemora 23rd May 1954, DNF (Cooper)


Leipzig 15th June 1958, DNF in heat (Cooper Mk X)


Helsinki 10th May 1959, 7th (Cooper)

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