Leslie Thorne

Leslie Thorne

Leslie competed in his Cooper Mk VI through '53 and '54. He rarely strayed south of the border.

Les about to be overwhelmed by Moss and Parker at Charterhall, August 1953


Some results for Les:

Charterhall 12th April 1953, DNF.

Charterhall 23rd May 1953, DNF.

Bo'ness 27th June 1953, 3rd.

Rest and be Thankful 4th July 1953, 1st.

Oulton Park 8th August 1953 Inaugural Meeting, 3rd in heat.

Bo'ness September 1953, 2nd.

Oulton Park 3rd October 1953, 3rd


Bo'ness 26th June 1954, 3rd

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