Nils Gerremo

Nils Gerremo

Nils Gerremo was a regular Swedish driver and one of the first to acquire a Cooper in early 1949 (Mk II or III). He moved to an Effyh for 1953 and '54 then back to Cooper Mk VIII for 1955, which he sold to Alvar Strandberg and finally a Mk X.

Nils in his Cooper Mk X

Some results for Nils:

Skarpnäck 25th May 1949, 3rd

Hedemora 10th July 1949, 4th

Gardermoen, Oslo 28th August 1949, DNF


Helsinki 7th May 1950, DNF


Helsinki 6th May 1951, DNF

Hedemora 15th July 1951, DNF

Helsinki 6th May 1951, DNF

Avus (West) 1st July 1951, 6th in heat


Falkenberg 20th July 1952, 2nd


VarnpenLoppet 8th March 1953, 3rd

Falkenberg 19th July 1953, 8th

Skarpnäck 11th & 12th September 1953, 8th in Sweden v Finland race


Helsinki 9th May 1954, 8th

Vaxjo 16th May 1954, DNF in final

Hedemora 23rd May 1954, 4th


Helsinki 8th May 1955, 6th

Kristianstad 7th August 1955 Swedish Grand Prix, 7th

Karlskoga 14th August 1955, 4th

Stockholm 4th September 1955, 4th


Helsinki 12th May 1957, DNF

Falkenberg 30th July 1957, 3rd

Roskildering 8th September 1957, 4th

Roskildering 29th September 1957, 2nd (Aggregate)


Helsinki 15th May 1958, DNF

Roskildering 1st June 1958, 1st

Wismar 22nd June 1958, 4th

Roskildering 17th August 1958, 2nd

Roskildering 19th October 1958, 3rd

Nils with Sven Andersson at Roskildering, September 1957

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