Norman Pugh

Norman Pugh

Norman built the Pugh Special as his first car, running regularly in 1950. Like so many other cars it debuted at the Goodwood Easter Meeting, 10th April. He retired, but a week later was at the opening of Brands Hatch. The car began the season with a Scott engine, but whether this failed to survive the Brands Hatch meeting or, like others, Pugh realised it was not suitable, by the time of the Goodwood Whit Monday Meeting (27th May), he had installed a JAP motor. He entered about a dozen events at Goodwood, Brands Hatch and Silverstone (2nd September DNF), the last being 14th October Brands Hatch.

Pugh bought a Cooper for 1951 and things improved accordingly:

Boreham 26th May 1951, 4th in final.

Dundrod 2nd June 1951, 3rd.

Winfield 21st July 1951, DNF.

Brands Hatch 6th August 1951 Daily Telegraph Trophy International, 4th in heat, 3rd in final, 1st in Open Challenge heat.

He continued into 1952 with a new Mk VI chassis, competing regularly and joining up with debutant Rod Nuckey to run as Ecurie Puckey.

Goodwood 14th April 1952 Earl of March Trophy, DNF.

Snetterton 31st May 1952, 6th in final

Brands Hatch 22nd June 1952, 2nd in heat, 4th in Junior V Senior Handicap.

Silverstone 19th July 1952 British Grand Prix, DNF.

Namur, Belgium 20th July 1952, DNF

Norman would also drop a JAP Twin into his car and run in the Formula II category.

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