Ormsby Issard-Davies

Ormsby Issard-Davis

Ormsby Izzard-Davis was born in 1911 in Caernarvon but lived in Cranfield, Bucks. He was a solicitor by trade and Honorary Secretary of the British Bulldog Club.

He raced a Cooper Mk V though 1951 but may have upgraded to a Mk VI for '52. For 1952 he teamed up with Allan Moore and Maurice Lambert to form Ecurie Balai. Although they used different cars  they pooled resources to build Triumph engines. Balai is French for broomstick, a reference to Moore's Broomstick Garage in Dunstable.

Some results for Ormsby:

Rest and be Thankful 7th July 1951, 11th

Castle Combe 12th April 1952, 5th in heat

Thruxton 4th August 1952, DNF in final

Silverstone 23rd August 1952 Commander Yorke Trophy, 15th in heat, 8th in 100 mile final


Leading Peter Ashcroft at Winfield, October 1951. Photo courtesy Colin Hunter.

He was awarded the Redex Junior Drivers Trophy for 1952. Later in 1954, he acquired a Tojeiro MG from Reg Bicknell which was driven by Allan Moore, and a Lister. Ormsby Issard-Davis passed away in May 2001 in Truro

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