Philip Meub

Philip Meub

Philip Meub was a regular front runner in Germany in his BMW engined Cooper Mk VIII but he also travelled well. For a while, he also raced the Streamlined Cooper. It seems that "Fips" also managed to obtain the BMW RS 253 race engine at some point in the mid '50s.

Meub's  known results include:



Montlhéry 17th April 6th,

Sachsenring 14th August 5th


Leipzig 6th May DNF

Circuit de Narbonne 8th July 3rd in heat

Wismar 5th August 3rd

Roskildering 19th August 10th

Dessau 23rd September DNF


Halle Saale Schleife 28th April DNF

Wismar 5th May 5th

Leipzig 26th May 4th

Magdeburg 21st July 3rd

Circuit de La Châtre 30th July 3rd

Sachsenring 18th August 3rd

Bernau 15th September DNF

Dresden 22nd September 2nd


Halle Saale Schleife 27th April 2nd

Kiel 4th May 5th

Helsinki 15th May 9th

Leipzig 15th June 3rd

Wismar 22nd June DNF

Circuit de La Châtre 6th July 1st

Bautzen 27th July 1st

Sachsenring 17th August 3rd

Dresden 21st September 4th


Halle Saale Schleife 26th April 2nd

Helsinki 10th May 9th

Dresden 5th July 3rd

Magdeburg 19th July 2nd

Sachsenring 30th August 5th

Bautzen 13th September 2nd


Helsinki 15th May 10th

Philip's Cooper BMW at the Goodwood Revival, driven by his son Karl-Heinz

Philip Meub being followed by Theo Helfrich in a standard Mk VIII, 1958 Photo courtesy Karl-Heinz Meub

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