Philippe Schell

Philippe Schell

Philippe Schell was born in Paris, brother to the better known Harry Schell, to a French father, Laury Schell (who raced for Delahaye prior to the war) and his American wife Lucy O'Reilly Schell (who won the Coupe des Dames on the Monte Carlo Rally in 1929). The bothers were brought up in France, where their father ran Ecurie Bleu until his death in a car accident when his mother took over the team, taking Rene Dreyfus to Indianapolis in 1940.

The Schell bothers brought a pair of Cooper-JAPs in 1950 and painted them blue and white. Harry had the better of the 1950 season but Philippe beat his brother in Pau at the start of '51 and had a respectable season thereafter. As far as we can tell, Philippe quit at the end of the season

Known results for Philippe:

Reims 2nd July 1950, DNF

Silverstone 26th August 1950 Daily Express, 11th


Pau 26th March 1951, 1st

Montlhéry 8th April 1951 Coupe D'Or, DNF

Orleans 6th May 1951, 1st

Draguignan 25th June 1951, 2nd in heat, 3rd in final



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