Reg Hunt

Reg Hunt

Reg was born in Britain but emigrated to Australia. He returned to do a season's racing in a Cooper Mk VIII in 1954 and achieved some respectable results including:

Snetterton 24th April 1954 AMOC, 6th.

Brands Hatch 1st May 1954, 1st in Junior heat, 1st in Junior final.

Ibsley 8th May 1954, 6th.

Prescott 9th May 1954, 3rd to Les Leston and Austen May.

Orleans 30th May 1954, 3rd to Stuart Lewis-Evans and Les Leston.

Nürburgring 23rd May 1954, 5th

Reg returned to Australia at the end of the year and continued to compete, including second in the 1955 Australian Grand Prix behind Jack Brabham and fourth in the 1956 Australian Grand Prix.

Reg and his Maserati 250F. Photo by Max Fotheringham

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