Reg Spreckley

Reg Spreckley

Reg came from Lincolnshire and raced for a full nine years, rarely troubling the engraver, party due to consistently running JAP engines and out of date Coopers. He also restricted himself to the North and East of the country with only one appearance at Brands. Reg's moment of glory came at Cadwell Park opening meeting in September 1953 where he won the first race.

Leading HL Williams' Emeryson at Brough in April '52

Reg's known results:

Turnberry 1st September 1951, DNF


Brough 12th April 1952, 5th in scratch heat, 3rd in handicap heat, 3rd in final

Boreham 2nd August 1952 Daily Mail International, DNF


Brough 3rd April 1953, DNF in handicap heat,

Snetterton 11th July 1953, 8th

Cadwell Park 20th September 1953, 1st in Scratch race, 2nd in handicap

Brough 3rd October 1953, 3rd in heat, 4th in final, 3rd in handicap

Oulton Park 3rd October 1953, 2nd in heat


Cadwell Park 7th June 1954, 1st in heat, 4th in handicap

Crystal Palace 18th September 1954 Redex Trophy, 4th in JAP race

Cadwell Park 10th October 1954, 2nd in heat, 5th in final


Snetterton 30th May 1955, 5th in JAP race

Cadwell Park 31st May 1955, 2nd in heat, 6th in final

Cadwell Park 1st August 1955, 5th in heat

Snetterton 13th August 1955 Eastern Daily Press, 2nd in JAP race

Silverstone 17th September 1955 Commander Yorke Trophy, DNF

Cadwell Park 2nd October 1955, 2nd in JAP race

Brands Hatch 26th December 1955 Yuletide Trophy, DNF in second final


Brough 25th March 1956, 6th in heat

Aintree 21st April 1956, DNF

Snetterton 19th May 1956, 3rd in JAP race

Cadwell Park 6th August 1956, 4th in heat

Oulton Park 18th August 1956 John Bull Trophy, 10th in heat

Oulton Park 22nd September 1956 Gold Cup, DNF

Brough 29th September 1956, 3rd in scratch race


Cadwell Park 5th August 1957, 2nd in heat, 3rd in final

Charterhall 1st September 1957, 2nd

Oulton Park 5th October 1957 Gold Cup, 11th

Mallory Park 26th December 1957, 11th


Mallory Park 7th April 1958, 4th in heat

Charterhall 27th April 1958, 2nd

Silverstone 4th May 1958 Daily Express Trophy, 10th

Oulton Park 7th June 1958, 2nd

Crystal Palace 5th July 1958 Redex Trophy, 16th

Silverstone 19th July 1958 British Grand Prix, DNF

Oulton Park 20th September 1958, DNF

Charterhall 28th September 1958, 2nd

Catterick 4th October 1958, 2nd


Rufforth 28th March 1959, 3rd

Oulton Park 11th April 1959 Empire Trophy, 9th

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