Sven Andersson

Sven Andersson

Sven Andersson was responsible for the Swebe cars which he built with Bengt Peterson. The first 1947 car was less than successful so for 1948 they built a pair of cars based on the Håkansson brothers' Effyh. Sven had very good season with only Åke Jönsson's Effyh and Oscar Swahn's Cooper Mk II troubling the pair. Sven's results include:

Solvalla 12th May 1948, DNF

Strängnäs 23rd May 1948, 2nd

Gislaved 13th June 1948, 1st

Gävle Travbana 1st August 1948, 3rd

Hedemora 7th August 1948, 1st

Lindalsbacken, Laxå 16th August 1948, 1st

Österäng Örebro 21st August 1948, 1st

Röforsloppet 29th August 1948, 1st

Eskilstuna 3rd September 1948, 1st

Norlingsbergsbacken 26th September 1948, 1st

Östermalm, Stockholm 10th October 1948, 3rd

Sven and Bengt in their 1948 Swebes.

1949 proved more challenging, in spite of a revised lightweight version of the car, but Sven managed a win at Ombergsloppet in June. As production Effyhs and Coopers began to proliferate, podiums became scarce through 1950, '51 and '52 though he still managed the occasional win such as Hälsingland on ice in March 1954 and Eslöv on 8th August 1954. Sven switched to a Cooper (probably a Mk IX) for 1955 finishing third at the Swedish Grand Prix in August and third at Stockholm in September.

1956 brought a series of top placings including:

Helsinki 10th May 1956 2nd,

Karlskoga 10th June 1956 1st,

Falkenberg 17th June 1956 3rd,

Roskildering, 1st July 1956 Norton Race 1st,

Roskildering, 29th July 1956 Norton Race 1st,

Roskildering, 19th August 1956 1st

And more in 1957:

Roskildering, 22nd April 1957 1st,

Solvalla 5th May 1957 Lilla Indianapolis, 1st,

Helsinki 12th May 1957 4th,

Falkenberg 30th July 1957 1st,

Roskildering, 18th August 1957 1st,

Roskildering, 29th September 1957 1st.


Helsinki 15th May1958 3rd,

Leipzig 15th June 1958 3rd in heat,

Roskildering, 22nd June 1958 1st.


Falkenberg 5th July 1959 2nd,

Roskildering, 16th August 1959 1st,

Sachsenring 30th August 1959 4th,

Roskildering, 13th September 1959 1st.


Sven with Nils Gerremo at Roskildering, September 1957

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