Prescott Results 021011

Prescott 2nd October 2011

The introduction in the programme for this American themed event said "Y'all be sure to have a nice day now!" and we certainly did. There was a family atmosphere and with sunshine all day everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the 16 entrants from the 500 Owners Association. I have heard it said that the 500 OA members attending Speed Hill Climb and Sprint events are like a family. Well, all of the 'family' arrived around 8 o'clock and soon had the cars, equipment and chairs well organised in the paddock, and what a lovely sight the historic 500 race cars made in the sunshine.

Ted Sharpe looks committed through Pardon. Photo Mike Wood.

The first practice runs during the morning went well for most drivers but Humphrey Collis was most unfortunate to have the engine seize before the start, especially after much work on it the previous day. On the second practice runs Andrew Turner decided to investigate the gravel-trap at Pardon hairpin, fortunately without damage, and John Dent's start was considerably delayed causing fouled spark plugs and a spoilt run.
Steve Lawrence was not happy with his practice times and changed the gearbox on his Cooper Mark 8 during the lunch break. Bad luck continued to affect Tim Ross with his magneto misbehaving, causing very poor engine performance

It was good to welcome Marcus Black into the 'family' with his Cooper Mark 5 and after rectifying a brake fluid leak early in the morning his times kept improving. Ian Patton competed again in Mike ? Cooper Mark 4 and he was enjoying the 500 cc fun as his times showed. Laura, one of our lady members, did a magnificent job by copying and tabulating all of the drivers times and bringing them to us on her clipboard. Thank you Laura, it was very helpful.

Andy Turner overdoes it at Pardon. Photo Mike Wood.

After lunch all drivers were looking forward to the competitive runs on a dry and warm surface. All drivers completed the first run and most improved their times; Mark Riley was quickest with 53.08, and as he was running just behind me I worried that he would catch me up during my run!.

Tim Ross decided to withdraw from the second run and the clutch on Steve Lawrence's car decided to tell him it did not want another run! The rest of us pressed the go pedal hard for the last run of this season and the times were impressive. As the results show, there was a mere 0.39 of a second covering the first three, with Andrew Turner achieving 53.01. This was only 0.68 of a second outside of Jon Brough's class record. So congratulations to Andrew and to Mark Riley and Jan Nycz for taking the top three places.

Jan Nycz at Top S. Photo Mike Wood.

Pos Name Car Time Report by Alan Hartfield

This being the end of the 2011 season, thanks go to our Hill Climb and Sprint Secretary Paul Harris, and to all 500 Owners Association drivers, mechanics, helpers, pushers, and supporting members who have made the season so worthwhile, successful, and enjoyable.

Our thanks to the Bugatti Owners Club for their excellent "Autumn Classic" event, and our thanks go to the Officials, Marshals, Medical and Rescue teams, Catering team, and all the Staff at Prescott, for looking after us so well.

1 Andrew Turner Cooper Mk IX-JAP 53.01
2 Mark Riley Creamer-Kieft-JAP 53.08
3 Jan Nycz Staride Mk III-JAP 53.40
4 Steve Lawrence Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 53.61
5 Alistair Dent Hornet-JAP 53.65
6 John Turner Cooper Mk IX-JAP 54.17
7 John Dent Cooper Mk IV-JAP 56.16
8 Patrick Riley Smith III-JAP 57.70
9 Xavier Kingsland Staride Mk III-Norton 58.26
10 Ted Sharpe Cooper Mk IV-JAP 58.61
11 Alan Hartfield Cooper Mk V-JAP 60.37
12 Marcus Black Cooper Mk V-JAP 60.93
13 Ian Patton Cooper Mk IV-JAP 61.34
14 Dennis Williams Arnott-JAP 68.23
15 Tim Ross Cooper Mk IV-JAP 73.30

All of the road in use on his way to FTD. Photo Mike Wood