Prescott Results 031010

Prescott 3rd October 2010

For the 500 class, this last Hill Climb of the season could have been titled "Fathers and Sons Day", for there were three family pairs competing. The entries were good at 13 drivers with 12 different cars but unfortunately Chris Bird, WHD 500, and Steve Lawrence, Cooper Mk8, were unable to attend, leaving 11 drivers to compete with 10 cars.

Conditions could not have been worse. It had rained heavily and continuously for the 12 hours before 08.00 on Sunday and it only changed to lighter rain after our first practice runs. Conditions for the rest of the day were wet with the rain stopping occasionally! Being a new driver I walked the hill just before 08.00 and it was not a pretty sight! Rain water was flowing down the road in places and there was a cold blustery wind; at least the water was washing away the falling leaves!

John Turner, FTD

All drivers were careful on the two practice runs in the morning, the main problem being the red flag being shown just as we were to start the first run; the delay meant that we had to return up the slope to the upper paddock until called again. I ended up having to start the engine 3 times; thank you Bruce, Tony and JB for much pushing.

All drivers were trying hard on the afternoon competitive runs, some perhaps too hard! John Dent went off at Orchard bend on his first run and decided to retire. Andrew Turner reminded his Dad to be careful, then went off the road when it was his first run! This did not worry either of them and they ended the day with Dad John achieving 1st place and the Lad Andrew getting 2nd. Third place was gained by Alistair Dent. Congratulations to all three, and they were duly presented with their awards by the Bugatti Owners Club. Congratulations go to all 500 drivers for showing how fast their lovely cars can go in wet and slippery conditions.

Perhaps poor weather brings out the best in 500 Owners Association members because although we were all getting rather wet the smiles and good humoured banter kept us cheerful all day. Thanks go to all the helpers, and it was good to see three ladies helping and supporting their men in very poor weather.

As the 'new boy' I really enjoyed my drives and my smile nearly pushed my helmet off! I have had a great amount of help and advice from Jan and all the other drivers were helpful. Prescott was really good fun, even in the rain, and we now hope for a good season next year. It will be good if more 500's compete on the hills and sprints, so do come and join us.

Alan Hartfield's Cooper Mk V



Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2

Our thanks to the Bugatti Owners Club

Report by Alan Hartfield

1 John Turner Cooper Mk IX-JAP 62.71 60.74
2 Andrew Turner       Cooper Mk IX-JAP         Fail 61.22
3 Alistair Dent Hornet-JAP 61.93 61.50
4 Mark Riley Creamer-Kieft-JAP 63.65 61.69
5 Patrick Riley Smith Mk III-JAP 63.38 62.75
6 Jan Nycz Staride-JAP 64.76 68.87
7 Ted Sharpe Cooper Mk IV-JAP 69.68 69.46
8 Alan Hartfield Cooper Mk V-JAP 71.99 71.22
9 Tim Ross RGR-Triumph 75.38 73.28
10 Tony Hodson Cooper Mk II-JAP 74.67 77.38

Ted Sharpe's Cooper

Alistair Dent in the Hornet JAP