500 wanted for circuit racing

My name is Douglas McLay. I have been circuit racing for more than 40 years and have raced regularly in the Monoposto Championship since the mid 1990s.  Recently I completed a long restoration of "Buzzie", one of the very earliest 500s, and raced her at the Goodwood Members Meeting this year.

I would now like to obtain a "mainstream" 500 to compete within the club circuit racing championship. Buzzie is a bit slow and and unreliable for regular 500 races!

I am looking for a car which will run reliably in the main pack. I don't need a car which is a potential championship winner but I want to enjoy some competitive racing with other members in the field. I am happy do some re-fettling of a complete car that a member hasn't raced for sometime, but I don't want to do a complete restoration or have to chase lots of parts to get it ready to race. I am hoping that someone may have something suitable for me to obtain and race with the club

If you can help,  I can be contacted as follows: 

Phone: 07969 126940 

Email: Douglasmclay@btopenworld.com