Cooper & Jap spares

1.Cooper mirror fairings, handed. £150 for the pair.

2. JAP Spanner set; One big mama for exhaust nut and disciplinary purposes.  One square crankshaft and one splined crankshaft. One timing wheel mount, locks onto the end of the crank for the timing wheel to attached to, for controlled setup. £150 for the set.

3. Cooper Driveshafts. A pair of drive shafts with excellent splines and good Hardy Spicer joints plus three flanges. £300

4. Cooper rear uprights. A matched pair of Cooper uprights, both have been re-bushed where required. one is ready to bolt on but one will need welding after a brush with the tarmac. £300

5. JAP Crankcase. Cast in Sweden in 1999. Timing side is good but the other side is cracked in two after a piston seized. It will have to be welded or another side sourced and matched to the good half. £100



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