COOPER MARK VII 1953 (#7353) Summerfield Manx Norton (1961 pattern)

500cc ex-Bernie Allen. UK 750 Formula Championship in previous owner’s hands.
Also competed Earl of March Trophy race at inaugural Goodwood Revival 1998.
Imported in 2000 (only Mark VII in Australia). Lightly climbed/sprinted since
(sub 30sec. Historic Rob Roy International Challenge; 1min Speed on Tweed).
Offered in v. good cond. w/extra set new Cooper-pattern cast wheels, other spares.


Original owner Les Stone of Basingstoke competed with the car in the UK and Europe. Acquired and restored 1996-8 by noted UK Norton specialist Bernie Allen.
Purchased by present owner, imported in 2000 (only Mk VII in Australia). Competed hill-climbs and sprints (Rob Roy Historic Hill-climb, Geelong Speed Trials, Eddington, Heathcote Sprints, Speed on Tweed Festival, Phillip Island & Sandown Historic Regularities). Paraded Phillip Island Circuit 50th Anniversary, 2003, Feature exhibit CAMS 50th Anniversary Dinner & Presentation 2003. Paraded Sandown Historic Cooper Factory Anniversary, 2006. Participant Albert Park F1 Historic Demonstrations 2009 and 2013.
Full record of competition in Australia.
Bob Newby clutch/belt drive, Amal Concentric MkII carburettor (spare Gardner slide carburettor), Norton 4-speed gear-box fitted w/reinforced pattern RGM case & “Daytona” 1st gear cluster (original ratio cluster as spare); full range split rear sprockets (42-48x tooth); spare alternative clutch pulley/engine sprockets; braided brake lines, electric fuel pump. Twin pannier tanks. Original wheels shod Michelin X (climbing); set new cast Cooper pattern wheels w/new Nankangs (circuit). Car fitted with Factory 1:1 differential (letter from John Cooper confirming this was fitted to original owner spec.) providing better handling and obviating need to elevate one wheel by ‘jockey jack’ for starting.

Spares List:

- megaphone (chamfered as for m/cycle) with engine pipe.
- full set of rear sprockets (42-48x tooth; split for ease of fitting).
- sundry spare chains (assembled for different r. sprocket sizes)
- original Norton 1st gear cluster (car fitted with "Daytona" 1st gear for quicker starts in climbs/sprints).
- spare belt drive primary pulley (17T new).
- 2x spare Bob Newby clutch belts
- half a dozen new spark plugs (2x ea. cool, normal, hot range)
- 4x new CV joints
- drive shaft spline
- set (4x) wishbones, chromed
- 2x pairs perspex air-scoops (originals plus 2x new)
- pair satin finish mirrors (from Bernie Allen, but damaged).
- spare chain guard
- quick-lift jack
- push-bar
- couple of tins of touch-up paint (Ferrari Rosso Corsa)
- original alloy oil reservoir, repaired; (new Bernie Willet replacement)
- shocks, upright, stub axles, carb. etc. (salvaged during restoration).
- set original wheels fitted with Michelin X tyres (approx. 90% tread)
The car is fitted with new cast wheels with new Nankangs.
- SO-LO twin motor, trolley mounted starting rollers.

Further details/spares list/pics.

Tel: (+61) (O)412 999 808

$AU 60,000 FOB Melbourne

£Stg 32,500 FOB Melbourne
(In addition to Australian duty and GST being paid on importation, UK VAT was paid on purchase, so eligible for re-entry to UK without further impost.)

€ 36,000 FOB Melbourne