FJS 500cc F3 Withdrawn

For Sale - FJS   500cc F3


A unique car , made by Lucien Quadbach of Belgium, raced in the early 1950s , Topolino based.


Sold to Luca Dupanloup (1945-2000),a cartoonist, of TINTIN fame .Upon his death the original JAP engine had been removed for rebuild--it was never returned.

The history is not known but the nature of motor racing over this period was very local and informal and unlikely to be recorded.It is presumed to have run in France and Benelux ,there is a Swiss oil sticker on the engine cover.

The car is variously mentioned in the publication "Bibel Du Racer 500" and was at some time


The car was purchased in 2009 by a Formula Junior owner/driver and was at some time sent to the UK and offered to members of the 500 fraterinty

It lay in storage for a number of years ,and I purchased the car in 2017 , it appeared to have been prepared for display in a museum and could not be driven .


The car was supplied with a JAP 4B engine , the engine and Norton Laydown transmission have been overhauled and rebuilt by acknowledged tradesmen and enthusiasts .

The drive has been set up with the help of 500club members to give optimal performance with the 4B engine .

The carburettor is a Gardner 


The rebuild is almost completed , the car has a VIF #117.


My reason for the sale    following a knee operation and a subsequent foot operation ---I am 

not 100 % on the Stop and Go foot .


The car is on a trailer, with an unused spare wheel--and cover .The car has been stored undercover 

There is an as yet unused battery powered starter

 4 dollies to move the car around a workshop

there is a JAP sump for the engine with the outlet for an oil catch tank