Norton Gearbox Spares FOR SALE

A large selection of Norton gearbox spares Please see corresponding images.

1. Girling master cylinders. £60 for the 3

2x ½” bore, 1x 9/16”. Surface rusted including bores. Bare; no seals, pushrods or springs.

2. JAP 80mm barrels + rods. £350

3x JAP iron barrels in good condition. Some use. Grease cleaned & well preserved. 80 x 157mm (face to seat)
1x JAP iron 5 stud head. Good condition.
< 3x alloy con-rods. Length to centres =186mm. Big end width = 17.5mm
Little end width = 1x 22mm, 2x28mm. £350

3. AMC gearbox complete. £400
Fully operational rebuilt AMC gearbox with 19T drive sprocket. Standard ratios. Carried as a spare to events, but never used. Dry.

4. Laydown g/box cases. £450.
Used and in various condition.
5 x main cases, 7 x centre sections, 3 x outer covers with some gaskets, bearings.
5. Gears (see table in images). £600

A selection of 122 gears. All used, some dogs worn although generally useable.

6. Built-up gears on shafts. £60
Main shaft = 1st 16T, 2nd 18T, 3rd 21T, Top 23T
Layshaft = 1st 28T, 2nd 24T, 3rd 20T, Top 19T.

7. Main & layshafts. £150
9x main shafts & 8x layshafts. (Manx & ?Commando). Variable condition but will clean up.

8. Clutches. £170
All used parts. 6x clutch baskets, 1 with an external band welded on.
1 is segmented type.
4x clutch centres, 1 with studs, 3 with internal thread tube pressure plate retainers.
3x pressure plates – 2x ally,1x metal.
3x drive ‘spiders’.
1x drum body with cover.
30 springs in 43-48mm lengths.
9 spring retainers (2x 37mm, 7x 40mm).
14x cush-drive rubbers large, 3x small.
1x complete assembly, old style without pressure plate adjuster.

8.5 Clutch plates. £160
Mix of plates, mostly used:
1x steel. 8mm internal dogs.
3x steel. 8mm external dogs.
4x steel. 13.5mm external dogs.
1x ½ plate. 10mm internal dogs.
5x solid friction.10mm internal dogs. NEW
6x segmented friction. 15mm external dogs. NEW
17x solid friction. 15mm external dogs.
20x steel. 8mm internal dogs.
7x Segmented friction.13mm external dogs.
3x Segmented friction. 10mm internal dogs.

9. Engine sprockets. £180
7x JAP: 1x 20T, 4x 19T, 2x18T
16x Norton sprockets: 1x29T, 2x28T, 1x27T, 2x26T, 1x25T, 1x 24T,
1x23T, 1x22T, 3x21T, 2x19T, 2x18T.

10. Associated gearbox parts. £120
Various gearbox parts including:
10 drive sprockets: 6mm wide = 8x 19T, 1x18T.
9mm wide = 1x 19T.
9 selector forks.

9 drive sprockets.
Quadrants, bushes, main shaft nuts, springs, pushrod mushrooms,
selector levers.

11. Drive chains. £70
New boxed Renold chain. 530 (5/8” x 3/8”) 110 pitches.
Single 18 ft length Renold chain. 520 (1/2” x 5/16”) 1.6mm wide side plates.
Other good condition chain:
- 1/2 ” x 5/16” in 1x 4’ length, 2x 3’ lengths.
- 5/8” x 3/8” in 1x 4’ length, 6x 3’ lengths. Also1x 2’ length with 2mm side plates.
- 0.380” x 0.672” in 4 x 3’lengths.

12. Chains misc’. £30
Box of approx. 100 links including split links, spare links &
half links. Also 2 lengths of magneto chain with links.

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