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Snetterton John Cooper Trophy 4th July 2004
Ten 500s joined the BARC saloons at Snetterton on Sunday 4th July to battle for the John Cooper Trophy. The weather forecast suggested sunshine and showers however only a few spots of rain fell, to keep everyone guessing, and much of the day was sunny. The 500s attracted a lot of attention from spectators and other competitors, including a film crew who were there to follow the progress of Richard Hammond from Top Gear.

Appropriately, the majority of cars were Coopers with the exception of David Lecoq's Petty and John Chisholm's Arnott. David did his very best to spoil the party by grabbing pole position with an impressive 1:34.7 followed by the James and Bob Culver.

From the off, it quickly became a two horse race with David Lecoq and James Culver battling it out untill a classic back marker situation at Russell Bend saw David spinning, giving James the break he needed. David recovered to take a comfortable second. John Turner held a strong third untill a holed piston forced retirement. Further back, the other battle of the race saw Neil Hodges chase Bob Culver from lights to flag but was never quite able to get alongside, so Bob claimed the third spot on the podium. James Holland, still running in his engine, completed the finishers.

Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car Time Laps Best
1 James Culver Cooper Mk X 15:57 10 1:33.6
2 David Lecoq Petty 16:09 10 1:34.8
3 Bob Culver Cooper Mk VIII 17:02 10 1:40.7
4 Neil Hodges Cooper Mk VIII 17:04 10 1:40.5
5 James Holland Cooper Mk VIII 16:00 9 1:45.2

Bob looks as though he thinks he's taken a wrong turn!

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Shirley Monro in her ex Moss Cooper.

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500 Owners Association Championship Standings