Snetterton 120404

Snetterton 12th April 2004

Six 500s joined the 750 Trophy cars for the second round of the 2004 Championship. Practice was dry and sunny. James Culver (Cooper Mk X) took the 500 class pole with ease but had to give best to Peter Birch overall due to a brake imbalance. Neil Hodges (Cooper Mk VIII) qualified second in class with Marek Reichman (Emeryson) and Roy Wright (Dastle) close behind. Bob Culver (Cooper Mk VIII) suffered a misfire and could only make 5th and Paul Hewes failed to set a time.

By race time, the sky was cloudy and cool with spots of light rain falling briefly as the cars formed up. The first three cars were able to break away immediately and battled all the way to the flag with only three seconds between all of the them. James Culver easily took the 500 class win but was again beaten by Peter Birch overall.

Behind this group, a lively but ultimately destructive battle ensued. Neil Hodges and Marek Reichman were slow off the line allowing Roy Wright to nip past both before the first corner, but neither gave up and, by the end of the first lap, both had caught Roy with Marek just ahead of Neil. Approaching Sear together, Marek and Roy touched under braking and the Emeryson was launched into the air, forcing Marek to retire shortly thereafter. Neil was delayed trying to avoid the melee but recaught Roy after another lap. For the following two laps, the Cooper and Dastle cars were inseparable, each passing and repassing the other. Eventually, Neil established some clear air and began to slowly pull out a lead, only for disaster to strike at Sear corner on the last lap. The stub axle of the Cooper broke and the wheel came adrift resulting in a lurid moment and retirement. Bob Culver and Paul Hewes also failed to finish.

Classified Finishers

Pos Class Name Car Time Laps Best
1 Trophy Peter Birch JGS III 16:01 10 1:33.15
2 Trophy David Brand Reliant Special 16:03 10 1:33.58
3 500 James Culver Cooper Mk X 16:04 10 1:34.34
4 Trophy Roger Windley Genie 16:25 10 1:35.34
5 500 Roy Wright Dastle 16:07 9 1:44.55
6 Trophy Paul Lawrence A7 Monoposto 16:44 9 1:47.74
7 Trophy Geoff Brandon A7 Special 16:45 9 1:47.40
8 Trophy Mike Whitby A7 Mason Special 16:19 8 1:58.65
9 Trophy Paul Grele Marsh Grayford 16:19 8 1:58.19

Roy leads Marek and Neil.

Snetterton 120404 RW MR NH.jpeg (16768 bytes)

Roy leads Neil and Marek.

Snetterton 120404 Action.JPG (31206 bytes)

Neil leads Roy but where's Marek....

Snetterton 120404 NH RW.jpeg (13301 bytes)

James leads all of them!

Snetterton 120404 James.jpeg (12902 bytes)

500 Owners Association Championship Standings