The Cooper NorJap, can you help?

If anyone can identify the two drivers in this photo of the Cooper NorJap, please get in touch.

The idea was conceived in 1950 by the Brooklands engineer, Robin Jackson, who also had a hand in the Freikaiserwagen. The unusual engine was built to the order of Ray Merrick based on an 1,100 JAP twin, heavily modified. The most significant change being the use of two Manx Norton cylinder heads and bevel gear drive which just fitted into the JAP timing chest. The resulting 1,130 cc engine claimed to produce 125 BHP, though this may be a little optimistic. It was certainly a potent machine claiming many successes on hills and circuits. In 1955, a Shorrocks supercharger was added and the engine fitted to a long chassis Mk VIII and continued to compete on the hills. Now it resides in the Mk VI of John Bennett.