Mystery 500

Kenny Baird is trying to rebuild a mystery 500 to something like its original specification. The rear suspension is by swing axle with some professional looking wishbones at the front. The wheels are 15” but West London style with 3 bolt fitting, possibly pre-war Morris. The pedals are held in a welded in tube with no provision to remove them and the original braking master cylinder was from a Morris Minor. The rear trailing arms had a Thompson joint welded to the end securing the arm to the chassis. If you can identify the car, please get in touch at

The car’s name and original builder are unknown however has managed to trace back through the line of owners to the late 1960’s when the car spent some time in the High Wycombe area. From 1967 until 1969 it went though the ownership of Stewart Hands (a well known Austin Healey racer), Mike Cubbage and then Tony Bianchi. The car was complete at that point and was driven fairly regularly but was not used in competition. Tony Bianchi removed the engine and gearbox and the rolling chassis was sold, to be subsequently stripped of parts by future owners. Mike Cubbage kindly drew a sketch of the car as he remembered it from 1968.

Stewart Hands is thought to have bought the car from the widow of the man who last raced it. It was apparently stored on a farm close to Castle Combe circuit and was untouched since its last race appearance. Unfortunately all attempts to contact Stewart Hands have failed, so my search for previous owners has ended at this point.

Mike Cubbage's sketch of the car as he remembered it from 1968.