Horst Mansfeld

Horst Mansfeld

Horst Mansfeld drove a Grün from 1955 through to the end in 1959.

Some results for Horst:

Dresden 22nd May 1955, 3rd

Sachsenring 14th August 1955, 7th


Halle Salle Schleife 17th June 1956, DNF

Dessau 23rd September 1956, 6th


Halle Saale Schleife 28th April 1957, 5th

Bautzen 9th June 1957, 3rd

Sachsenring 18th August 1957, 9th


Halle Saale Schleife 27th April 1958, 6th

Leipzig 15th June 1958, 5th in heat


Halle Saale Schleife 26th April 1959, 7th

Dresden 5th July 1959, 8th

Sachsenring 30th August 1959, 10th

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