Oscar Frank

Oscar Frank

Oscar Frank first appears at the Nürburgring on the 11th June 1950 in a Cooper Mk IV where he failed to finish. At Grenzlandring in September he faired rather better, finishing fourth to claim eight overall in the West German Championship. At the end of 1950, Oscar acquired the Kieft Mk I that had been used to set records at Montlhéry. Things started brightly, in spite of it being out classed by this time, second to Toni Kreuzer at Krefeld in May then seventeenth at the Nürburgring on the 3rd June and third at Avus on the 1st July. At Leverkusen Oscar finished third but could only manage sixteenth in the German Grand Prix at the end of July. He appears in a Scampolo at Grenzlandring in September but failed to finish.

Oscar Frank at the Nürburgring on the 11th June 1950

Oscar in his Kieft


In 1952 he commissioned an aerodynamic body for the car, hoping to achieve an advantage at circuits like Avus. Oscar starts in the Scampolo at Krefeld, with third place, returning to the Kieft for Essen in July for a fourth place. In 1953, he takes fourth at Hockenheim in May (see photo below) and finishes seventh overall in the West German Championship.

Picture courtesy of Oswald Wehner, who was there in person!

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