Philip Robinson

Philip Robinson

Philip started his 500 career in 1954 in a Cooper Mk V JAP which would have been somewhat out classed by that time. At Brough on 17th April he failed to finish in the heat for the Scratch Race, then  second at Cadwell Park on 7th June but a DNF in Final and again in Handicap Race. At this point he upgraded from the Mk V to a Mk VIII from Albert Elliott which was fitted with a long stroke Norton engine for 1955.

Philip's results for 55 read:

Sherburn 2nd April 1955 Sprint, 1st

Snetterton 30th May 1955, 9th

Silverstone 25th June 1955, DNF

Brands Hatch 10th July 1955 Sporting Record Trophy Heat 2, 5th

Crystal Palace 30th July 1955 Heat 2 5th, Final 2nd to David Boshier-Jones

Charterhall 6th August 1955 Race 2, 3rd

Oulton Park 27th August 1955 John Bull Trophy, Heat 1, 5th

Silverstone 17th September 1955 Commander Yorke Trophy, Heat 2, 2nd, 100 Mile DNF

Oulton Park 24th September 1955 Gold Cup, 6th

Philip's car rests in the paddock at Oulton Park October '57, l to R Alan Whitehead, Harry Howlett, Phillip, Trevor Taylor and Bill Bradley. Bill Stuart walks towards camera. Photo courtesy Alan Whitehead.

At the top of the Mountain on his way to a win at Cadwell, August 1957. Photo courtesy Alan Whitehead.

At some point during 1956, Philip acquired another Cooper Mk VIII from Cliff Allison, this was modified to something like a Mk IX specification with a single Alfin drum at the rear mounted alongside the centre drive casing. He also used motorcycle engine tuner Bill Stuart to prepare short stroke engines for him, the car being christened the Stuart-Cooper as part of the deal.

1956 through to 1959 proved to be highly successful:

Aintree 21st April 1956, 7th

Silverstone 12th May 1956, Heat 2 1st Final 3rd

Snetterton 19th May 1956, 3rd to Jim Russell and Tommy Bridger

Cadwell Park 21st May 1956 Sheffield Telegraph Trophy, Heat 2, 1st Final 1st Handicap 3rd

Oliver's Mount 6th July 1956 Heat 2, 1st, Final 2nd

Silverstone 14th July 1956 British Grand Prix, 11th

Cadwell Park 6th August 1956, Heat 2, 1st Final, 2nd

Oulton Park 18th August 1956 John Bull Trophy, Heat 1, 8th

Brands Hatch 9th September 1956 Rochester Cup Second Final, 4th

Silverstone 15th September 1956, Scratch Race 1st, Sweepstake, 1st

Mallory Park 16th September 1956, Heat 1, 3rd

Oulton Park 22nd September 1956 Gold Cup, 8th

Brough 29th September 1956 Scratch Race, 1st


Mallory Park 22nd April 1957 Heat 1, 1st, Final 1st

Silverstone 18th May 1957 Race 1, 4th

Mallory Park 6th July 1957, Heat 1, 3rd

Cadwell Park 5th August 1957 Heat 1, 2nd, Final 1st

Mallory Park 6th August 1957 Final 2nd

Snetterton 1st September 1957, 4th

Silverstone 14th September 1957 International Trophy Meeting 7th

Mallory Park 22nd September 1957 DNF

Silverstone 28th September 1957, Race 1, 1st, Race 2, 1st

Oulton Park 5th October 1957 Gold Cup, DNF

Mallory Park 26th December 1957, 1st

Autosport Trophy 1957


Snetterton 30th March 1958 DNF

Mallory Park 11th May 1958 3rd

Cadwell Park 26th May 1958 1st

Silverstone 21st June 1958 2nd

Silverstone 19th July 1958 British Grand Prix, 7th

Snetterton 27th July 1958 Vanwall Trophy, 1st ahead of Don Parker

Cadwell Park 4th August 1958 2nd

Brands Hatch 30th August 1958 Lewis Evans Trophy, Heat 1, 6th, Final, 5th

Snetterton 7th September 1958 Archie Scott-Brown Memorial Trophy, 4th

Full Sutton 27th September 1958, 2nd

Brands Hatch 5th October 1958 World Sports Trophy, 3rd


Snetterton 22nd March 1959 Spring Trophy, 2nd

Mallory Park 26th March 1959, 2nd

Oulton Park 11th April 1959 Empire Trophy, 2nd

Silverstone 9th May 1959, DNF

Rufforth 30th May 1959, 1st

Silverstone 20th June 1959, 1st

Brands Hatch 12th July 1959 Heat 1, 1st, Final, 1st

Whitchurch 1st August 1959, 1st

Snetterton 6th September 1959, 2nd

Roskildering 16th August 1959 2nd

At the end of 1959, Philip graduated to Formula Junior.