Denmark, like many countries in the immediate post war period was characterised as a period of shortage on parts and suppliers, so early racing cars were usually built by using every available piece of material. Oscar Madsen's car was the epitome of that principle. It was built in 1947 as a Midget, the Scandinavian forerunner of the 500cc F3 class, and its most prominent feature was the bodywork that was made out of an old container that Royal Air Force had dropped with weapons and explosives for Danish resistance fighters to use during the German's occupation of the country. The fuselage was mounted 'front-to-back', and the car featured a rigid rear axle, while the front suspension probably was of double wishbone type.

The vehicle had a front-mounted flat engine that drove the rear wheels through a chain drive, and although the car was known in the press as a 'Tatra', there are no facts about the specifications or origin of the power unit.

Oscar Madsen debuted the creation at Hobro in June 1947, but sadly retired. In his next outing, three weeks later, he was placed third, but from then on the car disappeared from the scene.


Our sincere thanks to Morten Alstrup for researching this car. If anyone has any more details or photos, please get in touch.