John Gadwa

John "Willie" Gadwa

John "Willie" Gadwa acquired the Cooper Mk XI "Puddle Jumper" from Ian Raby in the summer of 1957 and became a prolific competitor through to the end. He took his first win at Montgomery in August '59 which earned him fifth overall in the SCCA Championship, improved to second overall in 1960, behind George Alderman then took the title outright in '61,ahead of  Dick Hagy and Don Auray,  with a series of podiums and a couple of wins. The following year, he could only manage 5th in the SCCA but won the FRA Championship from Bill Parmalee

John in Puddle Jumper

Some results for John:

Montgomery 18th August 1957, DNF

Bridgehampton 28th September 1957, 3rd


Cumberland Airport 18th May 1958, 5th

Lime Rock 5th July 1958, 6th


Lime Rock 4th July 1959, 8th

Montgomery 8th August 1959, 1st


Cumberland 15th May 1960, 4th

Montgomery 6th August 1960, 1st

Watkins Glen 23rd September 1960, 2nd


Virginia International Raceway 30th April 1961, 1st

Cumberland 14th May 1961, 1st

Bridgehampton 28th May 1961, 2nd

Lime Rock 1st July 1961, 2nd

Bridgehampton 5th August 1961, DNF

Lime Rock 12th August 1961, 2nd

Watkins Glen 23rd September 1961, 3rd


Virginia International Speedway 29th April 1962, DNF

Lime Rock 30th June 1962, 2nd

Lake Garnett 8th July 1962, 2nd

Thompson 1st/3rd September 1962, 1st in race 1, DNF in race 2

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